Tori Praver Jess Bikini | White Long Line Swim Top

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Tori Praver Jess Bikini

Tori Praver Jess BikiniTori Praver offers a longer line swim top than the average with the Jess Bikini.

It’s amazing what a difference a few inches make. Rather than stopping this bikini top just below the bust, Tori Praver extends the suit down the torso. It’s a very flattering style, which streamlines the body and offers a bit more modesty. The strategic seaming further defines the body without compromising comfort.

The unusual styling also helps the Jess stand out. Who would have thought something so conservative could turn heads?

I’m just disappointed that Tori Praver has relied on the styling to sell the swimsuit. Frills or bows would have been too much, but this plain white finish is putting me to sleep. Admittedly, it’s versatile. We could wear it with any briefs or board shorts, content in the knowledge that it’ll blend right in. But there’s just no spark. Tori Praver’s also made the Jess in a colorblocked version, but this seems too much. Surely there’s a happy medium!

What we’ve got here is a really lovely base. Tori Praver’s dared to be a different with her styling, but she hasn’t pushed far enough in my opinion. If it were cheaper I might have forgiven that, but for $110 I want more.

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