Karla Colletto Grommets Swimsuit | Classic Designer Black One-Piece with Hardware Decoration

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Karla Colletto Grommets

Karla Colletto GrommetsKarla Colletto brings a classic black one-piece to the world of high-end fashion with this Grommets swimsuit.

There are no prizes for guessing where the Grommets got its name. Gleaming silver hoops pop against the classic black fabric. This is a blend of nylon and xtra life lycra spandex and elastane, an addition which helps the swimsuit last. As well it should for the price!

There’s no getting around it; this Grommets swimsuit is very expensive at $258. However it’s also a timeless piece, with real attention to detail. If you can afford that initial outlay, you’ll enjoy the way this Karla Colletto swimsuit will help you turn heads for years to come.

Of course the plunging neckline will attract those envious stares, but the Grommets has more flattering features working behind the scenes. Its high back smooths the silhouette, while the hidden underwire adds extra support in the front. It’s also crafted in the United States, so you needn’t worry about shoddy production.

Sometimes the simplest things in life really are the best. A black swimsuit has long been a summer staple, ideal for women of any age, shape, or race. But under the hands of Karla Colletto, it’s become something really special.

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