Kenneth Cole Flor-e-scent Swimsuit | Flower Decorated Asymmetrical One-Piece

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Kenneth Cole Flor-e-scent Swimsuit

Kenneth Cole Flor-e-scent SwimsuitKenneth Cole has fun with flowers with this Flor-e-scent Swimsuit.

Its name suggests this swimsuit might blind you, but that’s a bit misleading. It’s available in a bright passionfruit purple hue, but in black it’s almost sedate. Rather than referring to neon colors, its name pays tribute to the soft flowers that decorate the swimsuit’s top.

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The color you choose is so important here. While the styling’s the same, the colors make the Flor-e-scents seem like two very different suits. In black the swimsuit is classic, and its feminine details tempered. The purple option is a lot more youthful and unashamedly girly. The lurid hue will definitely attract more attention, but it won’t enjoy the same longevity. The older you get, the more desperate the purple will appear.

Not that the black version is a fuddy duddy option. The asymmetrical neckline keeps it contemporary. Its strap is adjustable, and customers report that the swimsuit’s remarkably secure despite its daring design.

This swimsuit really is a great option for older women, or anyone starting to feel self-conscious of their figures. The gentle ruching at the torso and tummy helps to hide extra lumps and bumps. The style is also sexy without revealing too much skin.

There’s a lot to like about the Flor-e-scent, including its price. At $107, it’s very affordable for a complete swimsuit.

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