Fox Racing Rockstar Goldie Bikini | Black & White Triangle Swimsuit

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Fox Racing Rockstar Goldie Bikini
Fox Racing Rockstar Goldie Bikini

Fox Racing and Rockstar Energy Drink buck current fashion trends with their jointly designed Goldie Bikini.

The black and white color palette is timeless, but it’s cheapened by the loud logos on the bikini’s triangles. Logos are really falling out of favor, and these ones aren’t attractive enough or discreet enough to convince us to take a chance. They transform this swimsuit from classic beauty to a walking billboard! I can’t imagine many fashionistas loving the brands so much that they’ll want to advertise for them, especially for the price.

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Not that the Goldie is expensive mind you; it’s just no bargain. At $39.50 it’s comparable to most mid-priced swimwear. Given the amount of free advertising the companies will receive from sales, they should have priced it much more competitively!

Or they should have offered many more features. The Goldie is a pretty basic bikini, made from a traditional blend of nylon and elastine jazzed up with some foil accents. There are removable cups in the bust for padding, but that’s almost expected for a swimsuit targeting the petite end of the fashion market.

Fox Racing and Rockstar’s Goldie Bikini isn’t terrible, but it’s also not a triumph of swimsuit design.

Black & White Bikini Sample

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