Insight Dream Lover One-Piece | Floral Swimsuit with Plunging Neckline

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Insight Dream Lover Swimsuit
Insight Dream Lover Swimsuit

Insight invites us to fall hard for its Dream Lover swimsuit.

The design is certainly romantic, with warm yellowy roses set against a dramatic black background. The plunging neckline brings some contemporary contrast to the classic print. Adding ruffles or lace would have been an obvious pairing for the feminine pattern, but by choosing a stronger neckline Insight’s ensured its design doesn’t look over the top.

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It’s unfortunate that Insight hasn’t published images of models wearing its Dream Lover, because the still image we see here doesn’t really do the design any favors. The swimsuit honestly appears a bit dumpy. Without any padding or underwire the Dream Lover’s bound to be comfortable, but I’m not convinced it’ll flatter anyone’s form.

The cinching down the center of the swimsuit will work with the black fabric to hide problem areas, but the Dream Lover doesn’t go that next step and make the most of assets. That’s particularly disappointing for a style with such a distinct neckline. You really need cleavage to make this style work, and not all of us have that naturally!

For the fairly substantial price of $92.95, shoppers really want to be sure of a swimsuit’s style. That’s not the sort of money anyone would spend on a maybe. The Dream Lover could be a surprise package, but I’m just not persuaded.


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