Roxy Sunray Flip Flops | Simple Black Bejeweled Beach Shoes

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Roxy Sunray Flip Flops

Roxy Sunray Flip FlopsRoxy adds some feminine flair to its classic flip flops with these Sunray shoes.

Given its bright summery name, I expected this pair of flip flops to look a little livelier. But instead of rainbow colors these flip flops are available in basic black. It’s a classic choice, easy to pair with any swimsuit you wish, but not very interesting. Only the pink Roxy heart on the footbed adds a bit of color, and that’ll be covered up once you’re wearing them!

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That’s not to say that the Sunray shoes are without charm though. The straps are decorated with faceted jewels. They’re not real gemstones mind you, but they create the illusion of a little extra luxury. By opting for complementary black rather than a contrasting color, Roxy avoids its design looking gaudy.

As we might expect from a pair of flip flops costing just $21.99, these Sunray shoes are pretty basic. Their rubber soles are perfectly flap, without the ergonomic contouring or arch support we see on better flip flops. There’s a little tread on the soles, but those embossed hearts seem more like an aesthetic element than a gripping feature. The rubber straps also don’t feel as forgiving on bare feet as softer materials do.

These Sunray flip flops get the job done for relatively little cash, but you’ll probably be happy to take them off once you leave the sand.

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