Trina Turk Kuta Tunic Top | White Crochet Beach Cover-Up

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Trina Turk Kuta Tunic

Trina Turk Kuta TunicTrina Turk offers a cover-up that values style over sun protection with the Kuta.

If you’re looking for a cover-up to repel the sun’s rays, this isn’t it. Its soft sheer crochet exposes plenty of skin, and it’s so light that anything covered isn’t likely to block those harmful UVs. But it’s meant to make a fashion statement rather than serve as a functional piece of summer apparel.

For what it is, the Kuta is a beautiful garment. The intricate crocheted finish is a fashionable nod to the past. Crocheting was never as elegant in the seventies, but this cotton beauty recalls that time. The tunic falls softly about our arms and body before ending with a soft elasticised waist. I can imagine this white tunic popping beautifully against a golden summer tan, but the style is also available in teal if you prefer.

It’d be lovely to see a cover-up that combines sun protective qualities and style. Sadly those seem to be few and far between. Until a fashion designer combines these two important elements, we’re forced to make a choice. With this top costing $174, I think I’d choose smart over chic! If you’re still smitten though, make sure you remember your sunscreen!

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