Aerosoles Chlementine Flip Flops | Bronze Jewel Decorated Beach Shoes

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Aerosoles Chlementine Flip Flops

Aerosoles Chlementine Flip FlopsAerosoles adds a little sparkle to the shore with these fun Chlementine Flip Flops.

Flip flops tend to be pretty casual affair, but these ones are more sophisticated than the average. Metallic leather is always a fun after five choice, especially when it’s dressed up with amber jewels. I’m not suggesting you should take them to a fancy soiree, but they’d certainly look the part at a pool party or casual restaurant. And if bronze isn’t your color you can choose from five other alternatives including matte black and white and metallic silver and pink. While I think bronze is the pick it’s always lovely to have a few options.

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While these Chlementine flip flops are designed to turn heads, they’re also really smart. The three-quarter inch heel adds just enough style without sacrificing comfort. The grippy diamond-patterned rubber soles ensure you stay upright on slippery pool decks or other wet surfaces. The soft suede footbeds have cushy memory foam inlays to ensure they’re comfortable even at the end of a long day.

It’s rare to find a pair of flip flops that are so functional and fierce. It’s even rarer to see them priced affordably. At $59 these beach shoes are a real bargain.

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