L*Space Dolly Bandeau | Black Fringe Swim Top

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L*Space Dolly Bandeau Bikini

L*Space Dolly Bandeau BikiniSomewhere in amongst all that fringing, L*Space has hidden a swim top. Meet the Dolly!

The Dolly is a lot like the label’s Audrey, except it’s missing the strap. This little design detail brings its advantages and disadvantages. The look is a little bit sexier. Who would have thought that removing a scrap of fabric could make such a difference?

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But by taking away the strap, the swim top loses some security. It’s not likely to go wandering if you’re simply sunning yourself or lounging around on the sand, but I wouldn’t trust it in the water. This is a swimsuit for girls looking to pick up surfers rather than join them in the waves.

It’s also for girls that can spend a bit of time looking after their swimwear. All that fringing can’t take care of itself, or survive a trip through the washer and dryer. Instead hand-wash it and line dry it to ensure it continues to look its best.

If style matters most you’ll probably appreciate the Dolly’s fun, flirty look. I think this black version is the least likely to date, but the style’s also available in youthful lavender, citrus green, and deep iris blue shades.

At $73 this swim top is on the expensive side, but its distinctive looks make it a tempting proposition.

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