La Blanca Rainbow Coalition Bandeau Swimsuit | Colorful Twist One-Piece

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La Blanca Rainbow Coalition Swimsuit

La Blanca Rainbow Coalition SwimsuitLa Blanca serves up an uncharacteristic pop of color with this Rainbow Coalition bandeau swimsuit.

Rather than the matte colors it typically favors, this swimsuit features a swath of rainbow hues. Strips of color circle the top portion of this bandeau and tangle up against one another at the twisted bust. The sunset hues look gorgeous together, and are tempered by the Rainbow Coalition’s chocolate brown base.

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I love the balance this neutral hue gives the front of the swimsuit, but I’m less certain about the effect on the back. Here it’s all brown, classic but frankly boring when compared to the front. The balance is lost, and what was interesting becomes pedestrian. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s also disappointing considering the personality of the front.

The Rainbow Coalition may, for the most part, appear daring but at its heart it’s a modest creature. The top provides ample coverage for curves, and if you’re self conscious about security you can always add the halter strap. The high leg openings appear to lengthen your pins while the generous rear leaves a little mystery. The shirred bodice helps to hide any winter pounds, while the side boning flatters the female form.

At $105 this one-piece is affordable, which may be the biggest selling point for girls experimenting with color for the first time.

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