Insight Gladys Bikini | Bandeau Halter Style Paisley Keyhole Two-Piece Swimsuit

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Insight Gladys Bikini

Insight Gladys BikiniInsight takes paisley print into the 21st century with this Gladys bikini.

Paisley was a 60s staple, but the metallic finish and black background used here ensures there’s no hint of retro. That works well with the Gladys’ skimpy design, which is far more revealing than any vintage swimsuit.

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Modern misses will no doubt appreciate all the skin this swimsuit reveals. Its bandeau style is made from very little material, especially with the feature keyhole in the center. Insight says its briefs have a “cheeky cut,” which is flirty code for “skimpy.” Girls who’ve been working hard on their bodies will be thrilled with the way this bikini shows it off. However if you’re self conscious about carrying a few extra winter pounds, this swimsuit will only heighten your concerns.

It’s a bit boring to say, but the Gladys also isn’t very sun smart. The more skin that’s revealed, the more chance we have of burning. You’ll need to be very diligent with sunscreen, particularly if you’re spending time in the water, to avoid unsightly and dangerous burns, or worse.

We’re not getting a lot of fabric for our $74.95, but we are getting an entire swimsuit, which is rare. Gladys may sound like an old lady, but she’s a great option for sexy young beach babes.

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