It Figures Hip Hider Three-Piece Skirtini Swimsuit | Blue Tankinis & Skirt Swimwear Set

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It Figures offers an alternative to skimpy swimwear with its bathers made for more self conscious beachgoers.

This Hip Hider does more than hide hips. The tankini tops camouflage untoned tummies, while the swimsuit skirt conceals dimply thighs. It all sounds great in theory, but I’m not sure about the execution.

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This swimsuit hides flaws really well, but I don’t think it makes the most of its wearer’s strengths. The tankinis and skirts just seem to hang there, without any shape or structure. A little creative cutting could have made this set a lot more stylish, rather than decidedly average.

I’m also concerned by the sizing. The tankini tops will comfortably fit a C cup. That may be the size of an average woman, but the girls who want to wear these Hip Hider swimmers are likely to be larger than the average. It’s a shame that this swimsuit’s target market isn’t really catered for.

I appreciate the choice of tankini tops though; the plain blue one plays it safe, while the pretty floral alternative has a little more personality. I also like the skirtini’s design on a practical level. While it’s not the prettiest thing, by attaching brief bottoms to the skirt we need not worry about any indecent exposure in the waves.

At $101, this It Figures swimsuit represents value even if it doesn’t really represent style.

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