Zoe b Organic’s New Biodegradable Beach Toys

Eco-Friendly Bucket & Spade Sandcastle Set

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Posted: Feb 25 | 1 Comment |

Zoe B Organic Biodegradable Beach ToysI don't care how old I get; there are few things more pleasurable than building a sandcastle. Not these feats of modern sand art mind you, but the simple kind that comes from an upended bucket filled with slightly wet grains. So I'm thrilled to see Zoe b Organic has created a new range of biodegradable beach toys to her range of organic, BPA-free children's products.

The five-piece set is crafted from Mirel bioplastic made from corn syrup, rather than petroleum. This ensures it'll break down in two to three years in soil or water, so you needn't worry about it cluttering the planet if it's accidentally left behind or passed over for some hot new toy. It's also happily made in the United States so your money stays at home.

The variety of the set is impressive too. Moms will be happy to see the range of motor skills it encourages, with pieces designed to teach scooping, pouring, and sifting for endless hours of fun in the sun.

The biodegradable beach toys set is available for $21.99 from Zoe b Organic's online store.

[Source: Inhabitots]

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