Xerdisc Balance Disc | Cheap Bosu Ball Trainer Alternative to Intensify Fitness Workouts

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When you can’t get to the gym, don’t want to invest in tons of at-home workout gear, and don’t like weights, but still want to get in a serious work out, consider balancing discs. The Xerdisc, which retails for around $20, enhances your work out by forcing more muscle groups to engage while you squat, lunge, or push up.

You can even sit on this disc while at work and all day you will be activating your core. You inflate the xerdisc yourself so you can decide how hard you want to work to stay upright. The more air, the harder it is to maintain balance.

Fitness magazine’s online workouts just featured this tool as a way to have a lean, toned body. Perfect guidance for any bikini maven. Who knew a great work out could be so cheap and weigh less than a pound?

The only word of caution I would give: make sure you are doing the right work outs (work out pamphlets come with many of these discs, or you can easily find them online at places like Fitness or Self magazine) and take your time! No twisted ankles!

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