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Everything But Water Swimwear Cleaner

Everything But Water Swimwear CleanerMost of us simply rinse our swimmers out after a dip and get ready to wear them the next day. But if you’ve splurged on bathers from a high end designer, you’ll want to do a little more than that. That’s where a cleaner from a company like Everything but Water comes in.

As its name suggests, this cleaner does for your swimmers what mere water alone won’t. Hand washing your suit with this special formula will remove all of those nasties that a trip to the beach or pool puts in. Think salt water or chlorine depending on when you’re swimming, sun tan oils, and even natural bacteria. No wonder you’ll need to do a bit more to keep your swimsuit looking its best!

You might worry about how harsh a solution must be to strip away all of those bad elements, but Everything But Water’s cleaner is actually very gentle. This formula ensures your bikini’s colors will stay just as bright, and it smells great!

But cleaning is just half the story. Everything But Water recommends using an additional product to protect your swimsuit from showing wear. This is starting to sound like hard work! Admittedly all these swimwear solutions require a bit of time and commitment, but for $7 a bottle it’s probably worth the effort for designer fans.

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