UGG Australia Kailani Flip Flops

Blue Rubber Flower Decorated Beach Shoes

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Posted: Sep 6 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

UGG Australia Kailani Flip FlopsUGG Australia is best known for its comforting shearling boots. But with this pair of Kailani flip flops it reminds us it also knows a thing or two about summer style.

It shouldn't come as any great surprise that UGG would know its way around a pair of flip flops. Its Down Under homeland is lousy with beaches, and that country's warm weather makes flip flops a wardrobe staple for much of the year. Having said that, the Kailanis are far from the pinnacle of flip flop design.

At their heart, the Kailanis are a very basic pair of flip flops. They're made from a mix of EVA and TPU rubber, which is lightweight and tough. However it's less than luxurious, and not the most comfortable material to wear when the mercury soars. Rubber and sweat don't mix; instead you'll find the flip flops pinching as they rub against your skin.

There are some nice touches though. I really like the cut-out flowers adorning the straps, and the way these blooms are mimicked on the footbeds. These have hidden memory foam inserts for extra support while you're walking on the boardwalk or the sand.

The black Kailanis are a classic choice, but you'll also find the design in Medieval Blue. Both versions are available for a reasonably affordable $35.

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