Tula Gardener Hat

Wide Brimmed Woven Fiber Sunhat

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Posted: May 16 | 5 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Tula Gardener HatTula calls this wide brimmed beauty a Gardener Hat, but I imagine it'd be just as useful away from the flower bed, don't you?

After all, the Gardener Hat's wide brim would keep off sun no matter where you are, including your local break. Its styling is simple but classic, with a tightly woven finish, distinctive wide brim, and unisex feel.

I'm not so sure about the leather strap though. It'll keep the hat in place, but it’ll also make the wearer look old before their time. If you're a little long in the tooth that's probably not a concern, but young things would do better to tuck the strap inside, or cut it off completely. It's a functional feature we just don't need.

Tula refuses to take the one size fits all approach of so many milliners. Its Gardener Hat is available in a range of sizes from small to extra large. Notably the extra large stays true to its word, and even caters for men who usually can't find hats to fit.

It's worth noting though that you can't simply stash this hat inside a beach bag. It's very large and structured, so it's not ideal to travel with. If your beach is close to home though the Gardener Hat might be the accessory for you.

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