Trina Turk Seductress Swimsuit | Sexy Plunging Neckline One-Piece

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Trina Turk Seductress Swimsuit

Trina Turk Seductress SwimsuitA plunging neckline and cheeky keyhole cut-out help this Seductress swimsuit live up to its name.

It’s those daring details that help ensure this black swimsuit is anything but basic. The golden accent at the bust is also lovely, and the cross-over straps at the back make sure we look just as good departing as we do on arrival.

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I appreciate the way Trina Turk has struck the balance between sexy and sedate. The details I’ve mentioned are designed to attract a male gaze, but when you get down to it this swimsuit isn’t too scandalous. The briefs provide ample coverage, and the dramatic neckline only reveals a hint of curves. This might just be the swimsuit to encourage conservative beach goers to dress a little more daring.

The price should help convince those sun lovers. At $135 it’s quite reasonable, especially considering that Trina Turk charges close to that for only a bikini top! It’s unusual to find an entire swimsuit from this designer for just a little more than $100, so why not seize the opportunity?

Just make sure you get it in black. It’s also available in taupe, but that neutral shade is so drab that even the sexy details can’t save it!

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