Trina Turk Nandini Bandeau Top | Indian Floral Print Black Buckle Bikini

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Trina Turk Nandini Bandeau Top

Trina Turk Nandini Bandeau TopA bold floral print and striking buckle help separate this Nandini Bandeau Top from the pack.

Trina Turk has done a lovely job of reinventing the classic bikini style here. Floral prints are ordinarily much softer than this one, but I think its strength works well. The vibrant colors and intricate details resemble the prints we’d see on an Indian sari. That Eastern influence helps make this pattern look fresher than the average floral.

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The bold print is complemented by a striking golden buckle. This too is intricate, and much more appealing than those that usually clip a bandeau together.

Strapless bandeaus like this look so sexy, and they’re also perfect for achieving an even tan. However they don’t offer a lot of security in the ocean. All it takes is one well placed wave to generate a wardrobe malfunction! Happily Trina Turk has thought of this and added a detachable halter strap for water babies.

The lack of cups in the bust is a glaring omission though, particularly for a bikini top targeted at petite girls. The Nandini is available for sizes 4 to 12, the kind of women who traditionally want to boost their curves. Sadly Trina Turk’s styling doesn’t offer any help.

While I’m griping it’s important to mention the price. At $98 it doesn’t initially sound extravagant, but remember that only buys you half a swimsuit.

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