Tori Praver Luna Swimsuit | Green Fringed One-Piece Swimwear

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Tori Praver Luna Swimsuit

Tori Praver Luna SwimsuitTori Praver brings a little Navaho flair to a classic one piece with this Luna swimsuit.

The Luna takes its cues from the label’s Kelly swimsuit, but its long fringing sets it apart. I love the way this decoration emphasizes the curve of the plunging neckline. The detail draws attention to the area, which is probably just what you want when you’re wearing such a low-cut swimsuit!

The deep V-neck will only work for the most confident of beachgoers. The style is intended to turn heads, so you’ll need to be comfortable in your skin to pull it off. One-pieces usually have a reputation for being a safe and conservative choice, but the Luna bucks that trend. I appreciate its dramatic difference as fashion is all about taking risks, but concede it’s likely to polarize beachgoers.

Some girls may also feel the Luna’s a bit plain, especially for the money. I concede that the fringing really is its only defining factor, but I feel that works in the Luna’s favor. By choosing one central style element Tori Praver’s ensured her accent shines. She knows that often less is more. The design is uncomplicated and its style statement very clear.

At $149 the Luna’s no bargain, but by keeping the design simple Tori Praver’s ensured it won’t fall out of favor. If you’re smitten by it you can expect several season’s wear from this fringed one-piece.

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