Tommy Hilfiger Striped Swimsuit | Green Stripe Keyhole One Piece

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Tommy Hilfiger Striped Swimsuit

Tommy Hilfiger Striped SwimsuitTommy Hilfiger delivers a clever trompe l’oeil with this Striped Swimsuit.

It seems like this swimsuit is made up of a tankini and pair of navy blue briefs. However it’s actually all one piece. The tankini style top is attached to the bottoms underneath, so you needn’t worry about coordinating your outfit. Tommy Hilfiger’s done all the hard work for you.

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Fashion purists say blue and green should never be seen together, but I like the way these unexpected shades clash. The navy briefs are complemented by the swimsuit’s spotted halter-neck ties. The tankini style top half brings these parts together. The green and white stripes give the suit a fun, nautical feel. Wide horizontal stripes tend to add pounds, but as Tommy Hilfiger only offers it in petite sizes this shouldn’t be a great concern. The cute round keyhole finishes off the design nicely.

Tommy Hilfiger knows his target audience, and he caters for them accordingly, providing removable padding in the bust and a cute cut-out on the back. These elements will ensure you attract eyeballs when you’re strutting your stuff on the sand.

At $101 this swimsuit is likely to cost more than buying your tankini and briefs separately, but its convenience may still tempt some sun lovers.

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