Threadless & UNICEF Release $300, 000 T-Shirt | Charity Tees Bring Aid to Africa

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Threadless UNICEF Plane T-Shirt

Threadless UNICEF Plane T-Shirt

The thought of spending $300, 000 on a humble T-shirt seems ludicrous to the average beachgoer, but Threadless, BBH New York, and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF are hoping a few cashed up sun lovers will make the splurge. The exorbitant tee is part of an innovative new collaboration from the T-shirt manufacturer, the advertising agency, and the global poverty fighter.

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The Good Shirts T-shirts feature the designs of artistic New York lovebirds Christine and Justin Gicnac. Happily you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the cause. The shirts are uniquely priced to reflect the cost of the aid items illustrated. So the tee pictured, with its cargo flight dropping vital supplies, really does cost $300, 000. However the one showing a trio of insecticide-treated mosquito nets is a much more affordable $18.57. If you’ve got a little more to spare you could spend $24.50 on the shirt that provides measles vaccinations for 81 children. There are other super luxe options too, including the $3,064 supply distribution motorbike tee, and the 100 tons of corn-soy flour shirt costing $75, 000.

When you buy a Good Shirt you’ll know that the items it displayed will reach people affected by drought and famine in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, and Dijbouti. In addition, one hundred percent of the purchase price will help UNICEF continue its vital work. Remember that most company’s only donate the profits, not the purchase price, so this generosity is impressive.

I’d ordinarily suggest that $300, 000 is too expensive for any T-shirt, but the charity component of this one makes me reconsider my stance. It seems like it’s there for the altruistic celebrities and business bigwigs, while the cheaper versions are available for the rest of us kind-hearted souls.

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UNICEF T-Shirts on eBay

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