Teva Zilch Sandal

Flexible Gray Sports Beach Shoes

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Posted: Dec 6 | 1 Comment |

Teva Zilch SandalsTeva puts functionality first with these Zilch Sandals. Their name means zero, but these shoes enjoy a coveted five-star customer rating on eBay.

The comments center on the sandals' practical nature rather than their pizzazz. If I wasn't so intrigued by the five-star rating I probably would have passed them by. I guess the pop of blue-green is fun, but the Zilch will still never win any beauty contests.

They're ugly ducklings, who sadly will stay that way, but on wearing them you discover their beauty. The rubber soles and synthetic materials are both very flexible, which makes these shoes perfect for runs along the shoreline or a game of beach volleyball. In fact, many customers say they prefer these lightweight shoes to their regular trainers! They're so light that you almost feel like you're running barefoot, although the heavy tread on the shock-absorbing soles give the game away.

The minimalist styling is quite comfortable, but the toe loop is a bit of an acquired taste. While it keeps your foot secure in the shoe some people report that the loop bothers them. Perhaps these are the kinds of shoes best tried on before making a commitment, even if they are an affordable $80.

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One Comment

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