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Sunglasses in the Beach

Ray-Ban Releases Ambermatic Capsule Collection | Yellow Lensed Retro Sunglasses for 75th Anniversary

Ray-Ban is celebrating 75 years in the business with a retro capsule collection. The pieces in the Ambermatic line are modelled...
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Burberry Sunglasses Ads

British Musicians Model for Burberry | Indie Acts Front Sunglasses Ads

Sunglasses and rock and roll have gone hand in hand throughout history, so it makes sense that Burberry has enlisted a...
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Juicy Couture Be Silly Sunglasses

Juicy Couture Be Silly Aviator Sunglasses | Classic Black & White Designer Shades

They’ve got a playful name, but Juicy Couture’s Be Silly sunglasses show off the brand’s more reserved side. It’s very strange...
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Jessica Simpson Aviator Sunglasses

Jessica Simpson Aviator Sunglasses | Classic J500 Silver Shades

Jessica Simpson takes us back to Top Gun with these classic aviator sunglasses. There’s a reason why aviator frames are still...
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TOMS Sunglasses

TOMS’ New Sunglasses | Footwear Brand’s Shades Help Restore Sight

TOMS has extended its famous “one for one” business model with the launch of its new collection of sunglasses. Just as...
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Dicks Cotton 20tens Sunglasses

Dicks Cotton’s New 20tens Sunglasses | High-Tech Colored Plastic Aviator Shades

Dicks Cotton has launched 20tens, a brand new sunglasses collection which takes over where its 20nines shades left off. The plastic...
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Banana Republic Morgan

Banana Republic Morgan Sunglasses | Classic Women’s Aviator Shades

These Banana Republic Morgan sunglasses take me back to the days of Top Gun, a simpler time when Tom Cruise was...
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Gold & Wood’s New Anniversary Sunglasses | Classic Gold-Plated Aviator Shades for 15th Birthday

Luxury eyewear brand Gold & Wood is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the release of special anniversary edition aviators for men...
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Porsche’s New Aviator Titanium Sunglasses | Classic & Lightweight Luxury Heritage Collection

Iconic sports car marque Porsche has released a new range of sunglasses which celebrates its vintage aviator shades. The glasses in...
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