Speedo Criss-Cross Swimsuit | Solid Teal Core Compression One-Piece

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Speedo Criss Cross Swimsuit

Speedo Criss Cross SwimsuitSpeedo is best known for its practical, athletics swimsuits, but it shows it also knows a thing or two about fashion with this criss-cross one piece.

Shirred panels around the sides wrap around to make this matte-colored swimsuit much more interesting. The details are very fashion forward, and figure flattering too. They accentuate the waist so it appears much slimmer.

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But this isn’t our only helping hand. Speedo has also used its core compression technology to make those problem areas appear much leaner and more toned. These kinds of measures are never as comfortable as letting it all hang out, but the look is worth the minor irritation! The hydrobra construction also gives women the lift and support they love, whether they’re being athletic at the beach or simply wanting to make the most of their curves.

Don’t mistake figure flattering for sexy though. The Criss-Cross has a very modest cut, so it’s not likely to turn a lot of heads. A lot of women will love that conservative approach to beach fashion, but I’m sure almost as many will want to show a bit more skin.

I love the bright pop of this river teal shade, but it’s not our only option. There are two shades of purple – rich plum and African violet – and black for the classic beauties. Considering the timeless looks and figure-flattering technology employed, the Criss-Cross Speedo swimsuit is reasonably priced at $76.

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