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Spanx Woven Halter Swimsuit

Spanx Woven Halter SwimsuitWomen the world over credit Spanx for their sexy slender figures. Its body-shaping underwear revolutionized the lingerie industry, but the company didn’t stop there. With swimsuits like this woven one-piece, Spanx is ensuring women can keep their famous figures in or out of the water.

The underwear is never going to get hearts racing, but Spanx’s swimwear range just might. This halter-style swimsuit is very fashion forward, with elegant weaving below the bust and its modern blue color. That weave isn’t only aesthetically pleasing though. It also makes your middle appear much slimmer, which is something we all want on the beach!

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There's one that has become my favorite, which is the ESONLAR Women's Sexy Plunging V Neck Bathing Suit. Mainly because it feels so smooth and soft and how well it flatters the body.

But there's 2 other ones that are great alternatives, the HYPERFIRE Women's Sexy Criss Cross Halter Bathing Suit and the CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit Sexy Deep V Neck Bathing Suit.

The extra assistance doesn’t stop there. Mesh compression panels help to flatten the tummy, while the halter neck gives curves a lift. There are cups inside the triangle top to give you an extra boost, or you can remove them if you’d rather your natural assets did the talking!

With sizes ranging from an 8 to an 18, Spanx does its best to make this swimsuit accessible to all kinds of women. That is, if they can afford it. At $198 this is one of the more expensive one-pieces I’ve seen, but its timeless style makes it a good investment for anyone with the budget.

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