Seafolly Pin Up Halter Bikini | Striped Retro Swim Top

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Seafolly Pin Up Bikini

Seafolly Pin Up BikiniRetro style sets sail with this playful Pin Up Halter Bikini from Seafolly.

This may be one of the cutest nautical inspired swimsuits I’ve seen. Seafolly has passed over the typical blue or red stripes for a more feminine magenta hue. The girly narrow stripes are complemented by a wide, jaunty bow at the bust. Cute pom pom edging finishes this accent beautifully. The styling is incredibly girly, but it’s done so tastefully that even women who favor more androgynous looks may come around.

It takes some work, and a little bit of soreness, to achieve that authentic retro pin up girl look. This swim top has removable cups in the bust to help any girl get those enviable curves. There’s also boning in the sides to smooth your figure and hold every lump and bump in place. Boning never feels comfortable, but it makes our bodies look so good that you might just want to grit your teeth and bear it!

The boning also means this isn’t the kind of swimsuit you can just throw in a washing machine. You’ll need to scrub it by hand to keep it at its best, but for a relatively affordable $81 I think it’s worth the effort, don’t you?

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