Seafolly Matt Separates Bikini | Pink Banded Halter-Neck Swim Top

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Seafolly Matt Separates Bikini

Seafolly Matt Separates BikiniIt might have one of the most boring monikers in the swimwear industry, but this Matt Separates bikini from Seafolly is a real head-turner.

Of course, anything in such a shocking shade of pink is bound to catch your eye. But this swimsuit has more than a striking color to attract attention. As if it wasn’t already girly enough, this bikini top is decorated with soft ruffles.

The Matt Separates Swim top has a simple style, but it does a decent job of enhancing any figure. I particularly like the halter-neck design, as it supports our curves and gives them an attractive lift.

While the tie works at the neck, I’m not sure it’s the best option for the back. This isn’t an area we really need customization, so a more secure clasp would have been better. I’m not saying the tie will lead to a wardrobe malfunction, but you’ll want to tie it tightly before you hit the beach!

Such a feminine swimsuit is bound to polarize opinion. Some of us will love its garish girlishness, but just as many beach lovers will hate the sugar rush. Thankfully it’s also available in black, which really tempers its feminine details.

Which Matt Separates Bikini is your favorite?

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