Seafolly Goddess Eva Skirted Pants | Pleated Navy Bikini Briefs

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Seafolly Goddess Eva Skirted Pants

Seafolly Goddess Eva Skirted PantsSeafolly serves up an itsy bitsy teeny weeny pair of bikini bottoms with these Goddess Eva Skirted Pants.

The term “pants” seems like a bit of a misnomer when we’re dealing with such a small scrap of fabric. They’re barely more than briefs! We certainly don’t enjoy the modesty that swim pants generally provide, so I hope you feel comfortable about your body!

If you do want to flaunt it though, these Goddess Eva Skirted Pants are a pretty cute way to do it. The tight box pleats are a darling way to dress up the dark blue briefs. Those pleats offer a little extra coverage in the rear, but not enough to hide a few extra winter pounds!

Anyone who does have the figure for it will enjoy the quality of these briefs. Seafolly is one of Australia’s leading swimwear brands, and anyone working in that country knows a thing of two about the beach. The dash of elastane in the fabric makes it flexible and comfortable, while the meryl nylon base is made to last.

It will require hand washing to keep its shape and colors true, but it’s worth the effort to protect your $81 investment. That’s quite expensive for a pair of bikini bottoms, but their timeless style of makes them worth the splurge.

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