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Roxy Abstract Sky Angel Bikini

Roxy Abstract Sky Angel BikiniRoxy serves up something sweet with its Abstract Sky Angel bikini.

Its name is a bit of a mouthful, but it explains a little about this sweet top’s print. I initially saw it as a floral pattern, but on noting the moniker I wonder whether it shows white clouds floating in a rosy pink sky. It’s a little hard to tell, which is why Roxy calls the pattern abstract I suppose! That ambiguity works in this bikini’s favor though. Obvious prints can look like novelties when they’re created, and date quickly. Thankfully we shouldn’t have that problem with the Abstract Sky Angel.

The gentle pink print is set off nicely with the Abstract Sky Angel’s dark spaghetti straps. The halter neck style gives curves a lift, although this perhaps isn’t the best design for petite girls. It doesn’t have any padding in the bust, so it’ll likely make flat figures look even flatter. That’s disappointing because Roxy’s sizes suggest it’s not meant for the plus-sized market.

The Abstract Sky Angel isn’t very figure-flattering, but it’s a serviceable and sweet swimsuit which doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’s not likely to wow anyone, but it gets the job done for an affordable $36.

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