Rio Beach Chair with Umbrella

Colorful Five-Position Outdoor Seat

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Posted: May 2 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Rio Umbrella Beach ChairRio cuts down on your beach essentials with this combined outdoor chair and umbrella.

Rather than wrestling with a large umbrella, you can just clamp this smaller version onto the chair for just the right amount of shade. It won't suit families who require a large area of shade, but it''s ideal for single women who are conscious of the sun's aging effects.

Those women are sure to love this Rio chair and umbrella's bold color scheme. I love the vibrant rainbow of stripes on the chair, which is complemented by the large colored panels on the umbrella.

The chair reclines to five positions, from a straight back to a lazy flat surface. The umbrella might not provide quite enough shade for this most relaxed position though, depending on where the sun is. Make sure you remember the sunscreen for those occasions!

The design is lightweight and practical, thanks to its mix of aluminum and hardwood. The metal frame is feather light, and the wooden arms won't absorb the heat. The chair's seat is made from tough element-resistant polyester, and it's equipped with a safety hinge to make sure it won't accidentally fold up!

However the umbrella makes this chair a little unsteady on its feet. It won't be a problem while you're sitting, but once you stand up the umbrella's weight may cause the chair to topple.  But for an affordable $49.99, far less than the cost of a separate umbrella and chair, it seems worth the inconvenience.

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