Ray-Ban Releases Ambermatic Capsule Collection | Yellow Lensed Retro Sunglasses for 75th Anniversary

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Sunglasses in the Beach

Ray-Ban Ambermatic SunglassesRay-Ban is celebrating 75 years in the business with a retro capsule collection. The pieces in the Ambermatic line are modelled after the sunglass firm’s iconic 1937 aviator shades.

The new Ambermatic shades use the same yellowed, photo-chromatic, polarized, anti-glare lenses Ray-Band developed in 1978. These still innovative lenses darken in response to increased light and temperature conditions.

The capsule collection is very small, with just four styles available. Traditionalists will love the Shooter, with its curved temple tips. If you prefer a more minimalist look, you’re best suited to the Outdoorsman which does away with those distinctive tips. There are also two regular Aviator styles available.

The new Ambermatic Ray-Bans are available at Ray-Ban stores around the globe, Sunglass Hut outlets, and Ray-Ban’s website for $210. They’re no bargains, but that’s not an exorbitant amount to spend on sunglasses that are destined to become collector’s items. I just wouldn’t hesitate to snap a pair up if you’re keen. Only 18, 000 were made for worldwide distribution, so they’re not likely to last too long.

The pale lenses of the Ambermatic sunglasses don’t leave a lot of mystery, but as Ray-Ban’s latest advertising campaign informs us, “Legends Never Hide.” Does the 70s styling of these limited edition sunglasses excite you?

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Vintage Ray-Ban Ambermatic Sunglasses on eBay

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