Pro Kadima Beach Tennis Set

Fun Wooden Paddle and Ball Summer Game

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Posted: Aug 8 | 2 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Pro Kadima is known as the original beach paddle and ball game, but is the original toy always the best?

This beach game is like a cross between tennis and ping pong; the small paddles resemble ping pong rackets but just like tennis there is no table required. There's no net or court needed either, making Pro Kadima more of a relaxed, spontaneous game. You'll likely debate whether a particular play was in or not, but that healthy rivalry is all part of the fun.

The paddles look sturdy enough with a natural wooden finish or neon colored coatings. Unfortunately the creators can't guarantee which ones you'll receive, which is a shame if your heart is set on this fun purple and green set. The paddles seem strong, but you may want to keep them clear of the surf. One customer has reported that her paddles disintegrated after becoming wet, which seems like a major flaw for a beach toy. This is definitely a game to play well away from the waves.

At least this game is inexpensive at less than $15 for two paddles and a ball. That should be some comfort should your Pro Kadima set meet a nasty end.

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