Polka Dot Swimwear | Two Piece Bikini With Spots – Red, Pink, White & Blue

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Like the song says, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” I need to get a new swimsuit for that trip to the beach. Ah, here’s the mall. I’m going to find the prettiest swimsuit I can find. There we go. The sign says, “Two piece polka dot bikini swimwear.” That’s just what I was looking for.

Look! So many colors! Hot pink with white polka dots, red with white polka dots, white with baby pink polka dots, white with red polka dots, baby pink with baby blue polka dots, baby pink with black polka dots. That’s not a bad deal for just over $60.

I have to find the right size. Wait just a minute. One size fits all? You have to be kidding! No “one size” is going to fit my size! How do they expect me to get into that? Well, okay, I guess I can get into it, but I surely am not going to let anyone see me in it!

Wait, I’m sure I locked the dressing room door. Stop! I’m in here! What? Oh, that’s okay, I guess. I am dressed. Well, sort of. What? I look great in this? Really? Where is the mirror? Okay, I’m coming. Wow! I do look great! Of course, I’d look great in this two piece polka dot bikini swimwear! Silly me for worrying about how I’d look. Sigh . . . Can’t wait to get to the beach!

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