Park & Sun Rally Bocce Set

Family Friendly Bean Bag Beach Game

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Posted: Mar 28 | 16 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Park & Sun Rally Bocce SetThe whole family can have fun in the sun with this cute Rally Bocce set from Park & Sun.

This set is far from authentic, but that makes it more family friendly. Park & Sun's colorful bean-filled balls will be much easier for children to lift than the classic metal variety. And they also won't hurt so much if passers-by get in the way of the game, or if anyone has a tantrum when they lose!

It's worth noting that the jack is quite small though, so very young children should be supervised. It doesn't look tasty to you and I, but we all know how toddlers love to put things in their mouths! It's definitely better to be safe than sorry here. In fact, Park & Sun recommends children under three stay away from the game altogether. Personally I think that's a bit extreme, but the warning's there.

This bocce game's a bit cheap and cheerful to appeal to traditionalists, but if you simply want to enjoy a few hours of fun without any pretension this set should do the trick. And when you're done with your game, you can simply carry it back to the car in its clever mesh bag. It might not be very sophisticated, but for just $29.99 this bocce set represents real value.

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