Pacific Shorewood Women’s Beach Cruiser

Blue Vintage-Style Girl’s Bike for Beach Riding

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Posted: Oct 5 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |


The image of biking along sandy dunes in the sunset is so appealing, that's why this nostalgia-inducing bike caught my attention.

It's built especially for a woman's frame at 26 inches and has those neat cruiser-style handlebars that are reminiscent of the bike's kids rode around in the 50s.

It's particularly comfortable because of the width of the seat and the fact that it's cushioned. The frame has also been made so that you sit more upright than you would  a regular mountain or road bike.

The pedals are even crafted so that you can use this bike barefoot, which fits well if you'll be riding along soft sand.

It also features a chain cover so that you don't have to worry about your pants or the ribbons from your espadrilles getting caught in the bike chain.

If only this bike came in more colors, like a bubblegum pink. It does have the iconic white front and rear fenders and white -wall tires.

The bike functions with hand-operated brakes and 7-speed twist gears on the handlebars. Though this lady couldn't ever go too fast. That wouldn't be the point of beach-cruising!

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