Outrageous Ventures 12-Foot Beach Ball

Enormous Colored Novelty Toy

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Posted: Sep 14 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Giant Beach BallDo ordinary beach balls seem a bit pedestrian to you? Then this 12-foot beach ball from Outrageous Ventures may be just what the doctor ordered.

This durable and daunting beach ball is enormous. When it's blown up it'll measure around 10 feet and weigh 12 pounds, so it'll dwarf adults and threaten to squash small children in its path. Such an intimidating toy could cause chaos on your local beach, but make for a whole lot of fun if you've got plenty of open space. Perhaps you could use it for a giant game of football or a massive game of catch!

It looks gimmicky but thankfully it doesn't need giant equipment to inflate it. Any ordinary air compressor or pump will do. I certainly wouldn't suggest trying to blow it up with your mouth or a humble foot pump!

The impracticality of this massive beach ball is part of its charm, but I'm not sure such a novelty item should come with such an enormous price tag. I suppose we're getting plenty of ball for our dollar, but around $150 still seems steep. After all, the occasions that call for such a lot of beach ball are pretty limited!

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