O’Neill Spot On Board Shorts

Short Women’s Spotted Black Surf Pants

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Posted: Nov 20 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

O'neill Spot On Board ShortsO'Neill has gotten the styling just right for these super short board shorts.

These shorts may be basic black, but there's no chance of them blending into the background. The gold foil polka dots across the front and back give the board shorts real personality. I love the way these spots work with the O'Neill logo as part of an integrated design, rather than just an attempt to advertise.

It's worth mentioning just how short these board shorts are. The plain answer is short. Really short. If you're at all modest about your pins you may feel uncomfortable wearing them. But if your legs are one of your best assets, these board shorts are a cute way to show them off.

They're made entirely from polyester, which sadly isn't the most luxurious material. However, what it lacks in opulence it makes up for in a few critical ways. It's easy to look after; it'll just take a quick spin through the washing machine to get these shorts clean.

The use of polyester also keeps these Spot On shorts down to an affordable $37.99. Cynics may argue that we're not getting a lot of short for our dollar, but remember that we are getting a lot of style!

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