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Nina Hilaria Flip Flops

Nina Hilaria Flip FlopsThey might have a funny name, but these Hilaria Thongs from Nina are no laughing matter.

At their heart these shoes look like a classic pair of flip flops, but Nina takes the style from casual footwear to evening accessory. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them to the beach or the pool, but when you do you’ll look extra glamorous.

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Shimmery satin creates the delicate rosettes which decorate the strap. That same glitzy fabric is laid over the synthetic body for an ultra-feminine look. The Hilaria’s contemporary wedge sole brings an extra dose of sass.

Since satin is such a soft material, it’s strange to read from dissatisfied customers than the Hilaria sandals aren’t comfortable to wear. They rub along the straps, even leaving marks on skin after prolonged wear. The toe grip also doesn’t feel good against your digits.

It’s a shame, because the Hilaria were a pair of flip flops that had such promise. They look deceptively comfortable, but perhaps we should know by now that girly looking shoes rarely are. In black, ivory, silver, and grape the Hilaria have the looks to take us from day to dawn, but not the design. They might work to get you from the car to the beach, but you’ll probably want to slip them off once you reach the sand.

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