NikkiFitness Beach Bride Destination Wedding Workout DVD

Exercise Bikini Body Fitness Routine

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Posted: Jul 10 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

A destination wedding to an exotic island locale sounds like heaven. But as any bride-to-be knows, the reality isn't quite so idyllic. NikkiFitness looks to get ladies bikini ready for their big day with this Beach Bride Wedding Workout DVD.

The videos are hosted by Nikki, who knows all too well the pressure women feel before their nuptials. She became a certified fitness expert to get in shape for her own destination wedding, and now she's passing on her tips to other brides-to-be. Her work-outs are diverse, with exercises to improve your cardio fitness and work on several muscle groups at once to cut your workout time in half. You can't spend all your time exercising when you've got a wedding to plan after all!

The DVD was shot on beautiful Mexican beaches; these stunning settings serve to remind brides of their goals while appearing much more appealing than any gym! While the visuals are taken care of, the soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired. There is no music, which makes it hard to establish a good workout rhythm. The instructor suggests you could play your own, but doing so makes it difficult to hear her instructions. At least it also drowns out the background sound of wind on the recording!

This isn't the most polished workout DVD, but it's also not the most expensive either at $19.99. If you're desperate to get that perfect bikini body for your big day it might be worth a try.

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