Mott 50 Sun Protective Clothes & Hats

UPF 50 Rated Beach Apparel

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Posted: May 1 | No Comments |

Mott 50 Clothes

We're all told to don a T-shirt, cover-up or wide brimmed hat if we want to avoid sunburn on the beach, or more serious skin damage. While these items of apparel and accessories will repel UVB rays, they aren't effective at keeping out those powerful UVA rays. These are the rays responsible for wrinkles and other signs of premature aging, and most importantly, skin cancer.

You could slather yourself in sunscreen, or you could indulge in some of the sun protective clothing developed by Mott 50. This new fashion line, the brainchild of American designers Anne Botica and Monique Moore, offers tunics, sundresses, polo shirts, T-shirts and hats with a UPF factor 50. To put that in perspective, a regular white T-shirt merely has a UPF rating of 5. No wonder the company's clothes are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

I’m also impressed by Mott 50's altruism. The company gives a percentage of its profits back to like-minded causes, including cancer research institutes.

Mott 50 has clothing to suit all budgets, with pieces ranging from $45 to $145. The sun-protective apparel and accessories are available online through the Mott 50 website. Will you be indulging in some of Mott 50's sun safe clothes for your summer vacation?

[Source: Take Part]
[Image Source: Mott 50]

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