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Molten BV-5000 Volleyball

Molten BV-5000 VolleyballMolten serves up a beach volleyball to rival the pros’ equipment with the BV-5000.

This ball is the same size and weight as the ones that professional athletes use. It’s also made from tough polyurethane panels that are hand-stitched together to ensure their quality. And finally it’s approved by the International Federation of Volleyball, a credential that most commercial balls can’t boast.

In fact, it seems the only real difference between this ball and the ones the Olympians play with is the price. At $51.45 it’s a mid-priced volleyball, not cheap but certainly affordable for its quality.

Whether it’s worth the money probably depends on your budget and your passion for the game. If your finances are tight, or you only get to the shore on the odd occasions, then a cheaper ball will probably serve your purposes. However if you play regularly, or simply have a little more to spend, you’ll appreciate the longevity a ball like the Molten BV-5000 provides.

It’s after time that this ball really comes into its own. That’s the point where other balls bust, or start to stiffen. However the Molten’s finish is so superior that it will actually stay soft after several summers of wear. If you can afford it, I’m sure your hands will thank you for splurging a little!

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