Miraclesuit Utopia Swimsuit | Figure-Flattering Pin-Dot One-Piece Black Bathers

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Miraclesuit Utopia Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Utopia SwimsuitThis Miraclesuit Utopia one-piece has a name that’s tough to live up to, but the figure-flattering label does its best to deliver.

I rarely believe in miracles, especially in the consumer world, but this swimsuit is very flattering. I’m not sure whether it really gives the illusion of dropping ten pounds, as Miraclesuit claims, but its Miratex fabric does a great job of smoothing your silhouette and minimizing trouble spots. And happily it does it without the stiff, uncomfortable panels we find in so many shaping swimsuits. Its secret is the material’s unique blend, which has three times the spandex of other comparable one-pieces.

As for the Utopia tag, I’m not sure that’s warranted either. It’s not perfect, but its pin-head dots make the black material a lot more fun. They’re youthful but not trend-conscious, so this swimsuit should look just as fresh after a couple of summers.

At $59 this one-piece is a real bargain. It’s hard to find even a bikini top for that money, let alone a complete swimsuit that does so much for our bodies. Miraclesuit’s swimsuits do run a little small though, so you may like to order one size larger than your usual for the most comfortable fit.

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