Miraclesuit So Faux Swimsuit | Colorblocked Tankini Style One-Piece

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Miraclesuit So Faux Swimsuit

Miraclesuit So Faux SwimsuitIt’s called the So Faux, but there’s nothing fake about this one-piece from Miraclesuit.

The So Faux gets its name because its colorblocked design makes it appear like a tankini and briefs. However this is actually an optical illusion; it’s just a simple one-piece.

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The tankini styling is a bit of a gimmick that I don’t think adds much to the design. But it’s a conversation starter, and anything that attracts attention can’t be a bad thing.

The So Faux isn’t Miraclesuit’s best looking swimsuit, but it has all the little features we expect from the brand. Its patented nylon and lycra spandex fabric works with the gently shirred midriff to flatter our figures. I’m not sure whether we’ll really look ten pounds lighter as Miraclesuit claims, but any slimming effect will be appreciated!

But this So Faux Swimsuit doesn’t just take the pounds away; it also works with our bodies to get the best from them. There’s a padded bra built into the bust, with underwire underneath the cups for extra lift and support. Its straps are also adjustable for just the right fit.

The slate gray and black combination doesn’t risk dating, but it’s also a bit drab. If you prefer more color in your summer wardrobe look for the So Faux in periwinkle, pink mango, and aqua surf.

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