Miraclesuit Fantastic Faux Swimsuit | Loose Fitting Black Tankini Style One-Piece

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Miraclesuit Fantastic Faux Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Fantastic Faux SwimsuitMiraclesuit fakes us out with this clever Fantastic Faux Swimsuit. It appears like a tankini with a matching pair of briefs, but it’s actually a one-piece!

The Fantastic Faux is really a swimsuit for girls that want to cover up. If you’re self-conscious about carrying some extra weight you might appreciate the loose-fitting tankini style top. It skims problem areas rather than clinging to them, and in basic black it’s timeless.

However I’m not sure whether hiding a body away is the best approach. It looks a little like a tent frankly. While some style makers may disagree, I feel that the loose hanging style actually adds pounds rather than taking them off, as Miraclesuit claims.

Of course Miraclesuit has added a few figure flattering features. The soft inbuilt bra supports the bust, while the generous rear helps hide cellulite. The high scooped back also helps eliminates that dreaded back fat. The straps are also generous for greater support and comfort.

I’m not really sure this Fantastic Faux swimsuit is as fantastic as Miraclesuit claim, but if you’re not usually confidence on the beach it may eliminate those jitters. At $178 it’s probably more expensive than it should be, but it’s so unique that anyone in love with it won’t mind the splurge.

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