Miraclesuit Aurora Swimsuit | Black Figure Flattering Swim Dress

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Miraclesuit Aurora Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Aurora SwimsuitIt might not give the illusion of dropping ten pounds as its tag line suggests, but this Aurora Swimsuit from Miraclesuit will certainly help you look a bit slimmer on the beach.

Unlike most of the Miraclesuit range, the Aurora features a soft, skirted bottom. It’s gentle and feminine, and also helps to hide a multitude of sins. Forget about stressing over cellulite or extra pounds; they’re all conveniently hidden underneath the soft black fabric.

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Compression technology around the tummy area tucked everything in, while the gentle shirring and wraparound style does its best to conceal any bumps or bulges. These features cleverly create the right shape on the beach.

This swimsuit isn’t all about hiding problem areas though; it’s also designed to make the most of what you have. Soft cups in the bra help to support and lift curves, while the V-shaped neckline draws the eye. It plunges a little, but it’s still conservative enough to look sophisticated.

I know dark hues are the most slimming, but I’m still a bit disappointed that Miraclesuit has opted for such a predictable color palette. Black and brown might be classics, but they’re not going to wow. I guess you’ll just have to hope your new Miraclesuit body can do that!

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