Mara Hoffman Poncho | Long Mayan Print Beach Cover-Up

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Mara Hoffman Poncho

Mara Hoffman PonchoMara Hoffman helps us stay sun safe on the beach with this Mayan Printed Poncho.

Mara Hoffman tends to push the fashion envelope, but she doesn’t forget functionality here. The hemline reaches well past the knees, and the sleeves also stretch almost to the elbow. There’s plenty of fabric in it to keep us covered up.

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Mara Hoffman doesn’t provide any sun protective guarantees, but I wouldn’t expect harmful UV rays to penetrate the jersey material. This fabric is also quite flexible for comfort, and lightweight to boot. It’ll also happily survive a trip through the washing machine, which is a real blessing for travelers. No one wants to spend their beach vacation hand washing!

I really like the bold Mayan inspired print, but this busy pattern won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. All that color can work well in summer, but you’ll need the right style and confidence to pull it off.

This poncho is a bit shapeless though. The braided tie cinches in the waist a little, but it’ll hardly give you a womanly silhouette. While the print will turn heads, this poncho won’t make the boys fall at your feet. It’s about staying safe on the shore rather than getting phone numbers.

This cover-up’s well made, but very expensive at $341. You’ll need to be very keen to consider forking over that kind of cash for this printed poncho.

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