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Mara Hoffman Macrame Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman Macrame SwimsuitMara Hoffman takes us back to the 70s with this playful Macrame Swimsuit.

Despite the decade’s fashion enjoying a style resurgence, the market hasn’t been flooded with macramé. That’s to this swimsuit’s advantage, because it appears fresh rather than a fashion follower. Its unusual looks will probably deter girls who like to play it safe though. It shows an awful lot of skin, and it dares to be very different. But if you’ve got the confidence to wear it, you’re bound to turn heads on the beach.

This swimsuit’s large cut-out sides resemble those we see on classic monokinis. By rooting the design in tradition, Mara Hoffman gets away with taking some fashion risks. The style is dramatic, but the elaborate hand-woven finish is impeccably done. That ensures the swimsuit will keep its shape and resist unravelling, even if you spend time in the surf.

You’ll need to put it a little effort to keep it nice though. Such an intricate swimsuit will never survive a trip through the washing machine. Hand-wash it carefully to ensure you can enjoy it for several summers to come. After all, when you’re spending a hefty $253 on a swimsuit you want it to last!

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