Mara Hoffman Beaded Rays Swimsuit | Bold Cut-Out Black One-Piece

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Mara Hoffman Beaded Rays Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman Beaded Rays SwimsuitMara Hoffman makes a strong style statement with this Beaded Rays swimsuit.

The swimsuit designer needed to do something to elevate a black one-piece above the pack, and she’s certainly delivered. The Aztec inspired cut-out panel underneath the bust is very bold. The intricate beadwork draws the eye and makes the swimsuit feel especially indulgent. I worry whether the tiny beads will stay in place after a few summers, but for now they’re beautiful. The sun ray detail is mirrored by similar accents at the hips.

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The Beaded Ray really is all about its dramatic looks, but it’s got a few features that ensure its functional as well. The hook and eye closure at the back should stay in place, even in the strongest surf. Its spaghetti straps are also completely adjustable for comfort. This one piece is also lined. A swimsuit in such a dark color shouldn’t become opaque anyway, but this attention to detail ensures our modesty is preserved.

It goes without saying that this isn’t a swimsuit for everybody. It’s very sexy, so it needs to be worn by a woman with confidence. She’ll also need to be cashed up, because at $275 it’s no bargain. But it’s one of the most unique swimsuits I’ve seen, and that originality makes it worth the splurge.

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