Mara Hoffman Beaded Bandeau Bikini | Peacock Blue Native American Inspired Swimsuit

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Mara Hoffman Beaded Bikini

Mara Hoffman Beaded BikiniA little beading makes this blue swimsuit from Mara Hoffman something special.

The beaded panels at the bust and the sides of the briefs really are this swimsuit’s crowning glories. The work is expertly done, with tiny colored beads that make an impression much larger than their size. I can’t help worrying about their longevity though. No matter how well they’re stitched, I can’t imagine they’ll survive several summers in the surf. Salty water and sea air erodes the quality of any material, and once a thread comes loose the effect will be lost.

But let’s not be too pessimistic. If you spend more time on the shore than jumping waves, the beading won’t be under too much pressure. Treat it carefully and it might well surprise you.

It’ll need to, because without the beads this swimsuit is pretty boring. Its bold blue color is nice enough, but the styling is quite tame. The beads really are the show stoppers, and there’s no contingency plan.

Mara Hoffman certainly seems confident of her swimsuit’s quality, as she’s charging $220 for the privilege of owning it. Admittedly that buys both the top and the briefs, but it’s still a lot to spend on a bikini thats major design elements might not last.

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